Got the roof!

SONY DSCThis is how it looks today. Widows will be installed in September. Continue reading




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Ok, so this is what has been happenning in June – the framework. Constructors installed blockhouse over concrete foundation. It took only few days, a week or so. Continue reading

Follow Your Path


I’ll tell you the secret. I’m into the Tarot cards. And this particular Tarot card presenting 18th Major Arcana “Moon” is very well done. It gives you that feeling of the Arcana.

Moon shows the Path which leads to the Mysterious Towers representing Magic Knowledge. Someday everyone come out of Marsh (society) just like the Crayfish on the card and has to overcome inertia sucking you back to the Marsh. Then you’ll step out on your Path and will be walking in the dark not knowing what is ahead of you, and you’ll be misunderstood, and your friends and family (Dog) and foes (Wolf) will try to confuse you and get you back telling you what to do, laughing at you. But you should listen to your heart and continue the journey.

So, the message is… it is important to know your Path and follow it no matter what, overcoming all the difficulties. Because this is how we grow.

Photo receipt of buryat’s butter tea.

As I wrote before butter tea is one of those drinks that warms you in witer and gives you energy. It is wide spreaded among all asian nomad tribes and in Tibet, China and Korea.

Traditionaly it is salty. But you can add honey or sugar instead of salt because you probably need to get used to its taste first.

Basically it is the same receipt that I’ve mentioned here. I made it for my husband who got a little sick. Butter tea is a good cold treatment.

I used real Buryat’s pressed tea bought near the Lake Baikal. It supposed to be boiled for a few hours. No need to do that with regular black or green tea. Continue reading