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I’m Lara (Larisa). Full-time mom of my awesome son Arkhipka plus farmer’s wife and part-time blogger. Im crazy about fashion, cooking, gardening, homemaking and homekeeping. Not long time ago me and my husband abandoned ciy life and settled in the countryside.

Last summer we were awarded with a grant for developing mini milk farm. So that is what we do (actually my husband does, as Im busy with Arkhipka). Also we are building our house this spring and planning an expanding of our farm. Probably in a year or so we’ll be offering rural tourism and volonteer opportunities.

Hit me up if you have any questions.



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One thought on “About me

  1. It is so inspiring to find people that decide to take charge of their lives and make major changes! Of a coincidence I found your blog. Me and my sister are also undergoing a major change when we in January decided to go cold turkey and start living a raw food vegan lifestyle and find optimal health. So many new doors have opened up when you follow your bliss. Great to follow your journey too! xx Julie – http://therawfoodsisters.com/

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