Сыну 6 месяцев

Our son is six months

RUS: Мы уже хорошо сидим, жуем хлеб, хохочем, боимся щекотки, обожаем кошек и иногда ходим на горшок! 🙂

ENG: Today is a very big day! Today Arkhipka turned 6 month! He made such a long way  and I’m so proud of him. He’s ticklish, he sits very well, chews bread, laughs, adores cats and sometimes goes potty! 🙂

S~big day yummy bear~
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Моя история

My story


Meet me and my family here.

I’m Lara…


…and here is my husband Pavel with our son Arkhipka.


We chose fresh air, simpler living and farming instead of city smoke, consumerism and career ambitions. This is a countryside lifestyle blog where I’d like to share with you all of our glories. Thanks for reading! Continue reading