Photo receipt of buryat’s butter tea.

As I wrote before butter tea is one of those drinks that warms you in witer and gives you energy. It is wide spreaded among all asian nomad tribes and in Tibet, China and Korea.

Traditionaly it is salty. But you can add honey or sugar instead of salt because you probably need to get used to its taste first.

Basically it is the same receipt that I’ve mentioned here. I made it for my husband who got a little sick. Butter tea is a good cold treatment.

I used real Buryat’s pressed tea bought near the Lake Baikal. It supposed to be boiled for a few hours. No need to do that with regular black or green tea. Continue reading


Теплая зима

Warm winter

ENG: I was surprised today when saw WordPress’s Reader. Seems like all the bloggers whom I follow celebrate Spring season, considering that a week ago there were all snowy posts.

Well, here in Siberia its too warm as well. In mid-January we usually have “Epiphahiy frosts”  known for centuries for its low temperatures. Fortunatelly, we wasn’t hit by it this winter, instead the weather was nice and snowy. Its getting a little colder again (around minus 20 degrees C), but this cold won’t last forever.

Russian Farm animals as I believe also enjoyed this cozy days 🙂

RUS: Сегодня в ленте моих друзей сплошные весенние посты. А ведь всего неделю назад все писали о снеге да и только!

У нас в Сибири тоже невероятно тепло. В середине января у нас обычно Крещенские морозы, на протяжении столетий известные своими низкими температурами. К счастью, их не было в этом году. Наоборот, была теплая и снежная погода. Сейчас снова становится немного прохладнее (около -20С), но это не на долго, наверное.

Верится мне, что животные на нашей ферме, тоже наслаждались небывалым теплом в эти дни 🙂

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